renewing my stumptown visa

Living in Portland I think there is a local law that requires you to do one of three things with in the first 3 years of moving here:
  • Buy a Subaru Wagon, Audi Wagon, or Volvo
  • Ride your bike everywhere as your primary transportation
  • Start a compost pile and home garden

We are far too poor to afford a new car, be that new to us or new to the world. With three kids it is tough to ride around towing a camper trailer behind you so that is out. In order to renew my progressive hipster visa in portland I needed to get started on my compost pile. To that end I signed up for a class from the local community college on starting your compost pile. My dad thought it a desperate act of a man looking for any reason to get out without the kids. I was so worn out by the boys that even a night of garbage and dirt was better then another bath time screaming session. He may be one to something there, but mostly I wanted to know what to do with the existing 40 gallon bucket of compost we have.

With Beautiful at work until late I needed to take the train out to Beaverton for the class. Grabbed the iPod and the latest Fast Company magazine and set out for the hour and half trip to Bethany Nursery for the class. The train ride was nice actually. Great articles and even better music I made it out to Beaverton and then had to catch the 52 bus. As luck would have it I got on the wrong bus, the one heading East instead of West and it wasn’t for about nine stops that I fully realized, processed, and acted on that wrong decision. I got off the bus and crossed the street to wait for the West bound bus. It was raining a little and the bus stop had no cover. I took the correct bus up to Bethany Nursery to find two Volvos and a Subaru wagon waiting outside the gate. This must be the right place, but we couldn’t get in. It seems as if the class had been canceled or rescheduled without any of us knowing.

After some group complaining and posturing we all set out for home. For me that meant another hour and a half mass transit adventure back to North Portland. Awesome! I walked down to the bus stop, covered this time to give me some reprieve, and waited for the East bound 52 bus to take me back to the train. Beautiful called then just off work and came and picked me up. When we got home the boys were so excited to see us that I let go of my composting disappointment and just enjoyed them. I did get a break from the kids but it was trading one trying situation for another and I’m not sure it was worth it. We still have full can of rotting scraps in the back yard that I don’t know what to do with. There is a metaphor there somewhere that I am just not smart enough to unpack.

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  1. tom
    02/02/2010 at 10:11 am

    Sorry the class was cancelled… that’s a shame. It’s a great nursery, though. That’s our current favorite, since Max & Hildy’s closed.

    gylcol Reply:

    The class was rescheduled to this Monday so I will be making the trip again.

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