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Recently we had the chance to see Beautiful’s Sister and Brother in Law (we’ll call him Bro) from Duluth, MN as well as her long time friend  and the new fiancee (we’ll call him New Guy)  who were visiting from OH. Beautiful’s dad whom we’ll call Pops, the two guys and I decided to brave the vicious wind that was howling through the plains and try a round of frisbee golf at the local Frolf course. We were having a good time with our, if not accurate at least entertaining, drives and trying hard to figure out the wind for the short game.

As we came to hole 8 Pops had established his skill and experience with course and was comfortably in the lead. Hole 8 is a short 130 feet straight shot on top of the hill over looking Morse Lake in Cicero, Indiana. The wind was blowing off the lake and over the hill causing a wicked cross breeze that sent my first toss 300 feet to the left and across the parking lot. Pops decided the best course of action was to throw the frisbee almost straight down and to the right and see what the wind would do with it. Well that seemed a wise move when he bent it like Beckham and sunk a hole in one.

We continued on through the course, a bit down now that no matter what shot we unleashed the best we could hope fore was the second best shot of the day. There are 9 holes with 2 different tees for each hole so we were playing the entire 18. When we got to the 17th hole we found ourselves back on the hill about 40 feet further away with even more wind howling acroos our path. Bro told Pops if he got another hole in one he would give him $20, I said “Hell if you get another hole in one I will swin naked in your lake!” Pops tees off as we look on feeling confident in our bets. He releases the disc down and to the right again with a little more umph to carry the distance. I watched the trajectory and my cocky grin faded with every foot that frisbee traveld.

No way, no way, GOD NO!”

Hole in freaking one! He did it again! We were jumping around screaming and carrying on. Pops had tears in his eyes he was laughing so hard. Bro pulled a $20 out of his wallet and Pops said keep your money. I sheepishly turned to look at him hoping for a reprive as well, but he asked me if I was ready for a swim.

New Guy, Bro, and I quit after that shot and we headed back home to tell the girls the good news. I had decided I would wait till it was dark and everyone was too busy with other stuff to notice I was gone before settling up on my bet. I snuck down to the basement to head out the back door down the steps to the lake. Bro was down there and followed me out to be my witness. I got down to the dock, dropped my shorts and stood naked and cold on the swaying platform. I was about to chicken out when the lights on the deck up at the house came on and everyone started piling out to see what was going on.

My mother in law had noticed Bro and I were gone and knew something was up. I jumped in and tried to get right out but scrapped my stomach on the decking. I had to walk back to the front of the dock with what seemed like blinding lights on me so there I was cupping my boys, waddling for my towel. From what I hear I was just glowing ball of white way down there on the dock and no one saw anything. I reminded them that the lake was very very cold and that might have more to do with it.

Once again Pops was near tears laughing. He told me I was a good man, who honored his debts. The next day Bro, Pops and I went to play regular golf at the local pitch and putt course down the road and on the way out the door Beautiful stopped me for what I thought was a good bye kiss but turned out to be an admonishment not to make any bets no matter how confident I was. I can make no such promise.

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  1. 03/25/2010 at 8:38 am

    A real man stands by his words with actions. Most of us are just smarter than to make a wager that includes nudity outside of the house! Good for you, man.

  2. 03/25/2010 at 2:04 pm

    I say it was a scam put on by Bro and Pops. They wanted your money, but settled for you naked. :\

  3. 03/26/2010 at 2:00 pm

    That’s too funny dude. You are a man of your word, therefore ‘I’ believe your cold out excuse. Lol.

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