Out in North Portland with kids

Tyler From Ruby Dragon (photo from Foodcartsportland.com)

A weekend with friends visiting has left us a little tired but happy for the time we spent. We got to show off some great places in Portland that we love going to with our kids since they have two kids as well. I thought since we just spent the weekend enjoying some of these places I would share them here as well. Some great places to eat with kids in North Portland:

  • Pause – This is a burger joint on Interstate Ave situated amongst the neon and seedy hotels that line an otherwise revitalized area. A couple things that make this great for kids. They have free bowls of butter pasta for the kids that they get started as soon as you get there. They have nice outdoor seating next to a big fenced in patch of grass for running around in, and they have special two sliders, fries, and a pint for $7. Also it’s close enough to walk but far enough to make you think you earned that pint.
  • Mississippi Pizza – This is Hipster Pizza hut with it’s microbrews on tap, gluten free pizza, and tons of live music at almost any time of the day. The kids love the music and running around outside while listening to whichever singer/songwriter was playing at the time.
  • Mississippi Food Carts – Portland Food carts are so great because you get the choices of a mall food court, with the quality of a fancy¬†restaurant. They have big tables and little¬†picnic tables for the kids to sit at and some great carts that make choosing difficult. This last trip I ate at the Ruby Dragon and had a great meal with curried home fries. Everyone else went to a different cart and we had egg and mushroom sandwiches, burgers, coffee, and treats without a bad apple in the bunch. The kids loved being at their own table and when they were done they ran around the area chatting up the other diners.

We had a great time with our friends from Minnesota and we had a great time getting out into a city that we love more and more. If you have some places in Portland that you love, or where you live let us know.

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