Relying on the kindness of neighbors

We have some new neighbors that have moved in across the street and they are awesome. They have a three year old boy and six year old girl and our boys love them and their mom already. As I am writing this my two boys have joined up with some neighbor kids at the end of the block and they have headed over to the new house to play. In the last week I have had all the kids here so a while and they have been across the street a couple of times giving me a quiet 20 to 40 minutes to get some things done or to just sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and wait. I have been reinforcing the message that she can send them home when ever she wants for no reason at all. I know as well as anyone how the tension builds the more kids are on the scene and some times you just want to take the etch-a-sketch and shake it to clear the screen. There is also a but of self sustaining momentum with the added kids allowing them to play on their own without needing you to be involved in all the games. I have really appreciated the great neighbors we have around this house. There is a sense of time gone by when we all looked out for each others kids and the different age groups still found games and adventures they could all do together.

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