Gift Ideas for Primo’s Birthday

Your gonna get me what?!?

At the end of this Month Primo is turning four years old and we are already getting the what does he want for his birthday questions. I thought I would give you a list to help in picking out that right gift if you wanted to get him something. Mostly this is for Grammie, Papa, Grandma, and Tom Tom and any other family members that needed a cheat sheet for the little man.

  • As always the kid is constantly looking out for a truck with with a hitch that tows a trailer. This is the holy grail of cars for him and the thing he will always ask for when asked what he wants for (insert gift giving holiday here)
  • Music Lessons from Mr. Ben. We go to Music time each week and Finn sometimes brings his guitar to play along. He would love to have lessons to learn how to play or to just sing and stomp around.
  • Membership to OMSI in Portland. We have such great kids museums and zoos and fun things for kids here and we have only really gone to the zoo. We decided to get the Zoo membership instead but Finn has gone with other kids to OMSI and loves it.
  • If clothing him is your hearts desire then he is size 4-5 for clothes and for shoes he is size 10 and he would love another pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. He has black high tops but loves Chucks and is a little punk rock at heart.

Well that is the list of ideas for those of you that would like to get the little man something. I hope it helps!

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