Finding quality, when you can’t do quantity

I’ve been working a lot lately at both my full time job and at various part time jobs on the weekends, which makes the time I get to spend with the boys all the more valuable. I like this about being the working person because I wasn’t always very good about being intentional with time when we had so much of it. They still have the ability to frustrate me and demand more energy than I have but because the quality time has to be less, I try to make it more concentrated and this makes for some really great time spent.

Like this morning when Segundo took his sweet time having breakfast so that the other two had already headed off to the basement for dinosaur train leaving the two of us dawdling over our bran flakes and chatting over coffee (flakes for him, coffee for me). I feel like I appreciate this time more than I did when I was home with him all the time. The stay at home parent gets moments by quantity so we working parents have to get them by quality. I’m trying to remember this when I’m whooshing in and out of the house on my way to and from; to focus and spend time when given the chance and make sure I’m listening to the boys and responding over breakfast or running errands, while giving them a bath or rocking in a chair before bed.

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  1. 05/17/2010 at 5:49 pm

    I have to constantly remind myself to be mindful and present when I’m spending time with the kids. I get the quantity of time easily enough, but it takes concentrated effort for me to be truly present in order to create quality time. Great reminder! Thanks for the post.

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