When I knew Beautiful was the one for me

I didn’t want to go, that’s what I told Jesse that afternoon while we finished up work. It was Halloween and our co-worker was having a party at his house that night. We didn’t have any better plans and braving the downtown crowd that night was not something either us wanted to do. He talked me into it by reminding me about the free drinks, and a quick look in my brother’s closet gave me the 70’s big collar costume that I needed. We drove out together still debating turning around and finding something else to do but for this time I was glad I listened to Jesse unlike the time in Mexico. That is a story for a different time though.

With my drink in hand and my big collar popped I took up my spot at the table with a deck of cards. I was dealing Black Jack from the bottom of the deck and slyly making fun of the girls around the table. I was a jerk and I knew it but that didn’t bother me as much as the girls not knowing that I was making fun of them and laughing it up telling me I was so funny. The night continued like that until another co-worker arrived with her roommates in tow. They were pretty cute in matching black skirts and Mardi Gras masks and they joined us at the table.

Right away she called me out for dealing from the bottom of the deck and when I tried to tease her she came right back over the top with her own sly teasing. I tried to outsmart her and failed miserably. This girl was smart and funny and beautiful and confident. We bantered back and forth and I was in love. I really was. I know how cheesy and cliche it is to talk about love at first sight or knowing this is the one, or even thinking there is a “one”. But I knew, it was an “aha” moment for me that night and I went to great lengths to win her. I bought a cell phone so I could be reached. I befriended my co-worker, her roommate whom I didn’t particularly like but now love, so I would be invited over. She bantered with me and I knew, I pursued her and wore her down until she knew too.  We were married within a year and now six year married I love that banter even more.

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16 thoughts on “When I knew Beautiful was the one for me

  1. awww. I love stories like this! And that she gave you shit for dealing from the bottom!
    .-= Kristi Maristi´s last blog ..Throw-Back Thursday =-.


    Portlanddad Reply:

    She might write about it on Monday but she says that since there was no attraction to me she felt no nerves and was the best, most sassy version of herself.


  2. You can’t beat a polyester big collar or an intellegent, funny, handsome, creative, lovely, insightful, and generally brilliant man either. Kate was smart enough to get caught by you.


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