Throw Back: Fake it until you make it

I’m gonna be honest with you, I have no idea what I’m doing on a daily basis raising Primo. What he should eat, when should he sleep, is he sick…… I think the key to parenting is just faking it until you get into a rythem. Really, I think it is that simple. I read a lot, and watch people that I respect but then I just come home and pretend like I know what I’m doing and everything seems to work out. Yesterday I was feeding Primo some Lasagna Dinner baby food and he kept reaching for the jar and the spoon when I would get it close to him. I started getting a little frustrated that he was thwarting my efforts to nourish him. I finally said “fine you do it yourself” and he did. He fed himself just fine without my help and had a blast doing it. He made an absolute mess but messes clean and Primo and I laughed ourselves silly on the back porch while he ate. I don’t know if he relizes I’m faking it but even if he does I think we’ll be OK. I’m a good faker and he’s a good sport.

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  1. 05/22/2010 at 4:09 am

    Absolutely right. Exude confidence – even the fake kind – and everything usually falls into place. The trick is not being overconfident and stubborn to the point you’re not willing to adapt. But it doesn’t look like that’s an issue for you…with the exception of rooting for the purple and yellow jackasses.
    .-= Daddy Files´s last blog ..My Son, The Devil =-.

  2. 05/22/2010 at 2:28 pm

    I know my son definitely has some of his toughest moments when his regular schedule gets out of whack, but in general I find him amazingly good at just going with the flow.

    I hope that raising a kid who’s pretty laid back will continue to pay off later in life.
    .-= Chris Routly (Daddy Doctrines)´s last blog ..#6 – Trophy Dad =-.

  3. 05/22/2010 at 3:16 pm

    I think the fact that you let him feed himself on the back porch shows you aren’t faking it (too much)! Some dads would let this happen in the kitchen and then have an even bigger mess to clean up! Nice thinking ahead! (This is the part where you claim to have planned it that way, even if you didn’t).
    .-= Kevin Gainey´s last blog ..“Happy SAHD” Review =-.

  4. 05/22/2010 at 7:50 pm

    What else can we do? We’re the grown ups :/
    .-= Dad is in the House´s last blog ..Reasons Men Don’t Help Around the House =-.

  5. Ben
    05/23/2010 at 11:12 am

    Oh boy. I wish I could make a mess when I eat and get away with it!
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Week Twenty: Over the hill =-.

  6. 05/25/2010 at 3:38 pm

    awesome! loving this perspective – my own personal version of this is what i call “listening to my inner monkey.” as in, doing what feels right in raising my girl, following her signals and taking notes from those who did this before me. i’ve gotten a fair deal of comments on what a confident first-time mom i am; i just figure if i were really screwing the kid up someone would have told me by now! heh.


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