Band of SAHD Podcast Live Sunday Night

The funny thing about having a blog is that there are some days when you have to follow up a post from the day before that is beautiful and stirring and you know right from the start this days post is not going to be that way. They can’t all be winners or move you at heart level, sometimes you just need to say a thing or two. Today I want to tell everyone about our first Podcast with the Band of Stay At Home Dad crew. We have had two practice runs and while we are still finding our voice individually and as a group, it is starting to come together. The idea to get together and talk about beings at home dad,s and whatever else we could come up with, originated with Chris over at SAHD In Lansing. I had an email asking me and a couple other guys if we wanted to get together and record a podcast and my mind immediately went back to dreams of hosting a late night radio show where I played great music that no one had heard of yet. Even though my wife says I sound like a drunk chipmunk when she hears my voice recorded I jumped at the chance to work with these guys. Edgar at Ed @ Home Dad was that late night radio guy and is the experienced one of the group. We have a fourth host that may or may not be joining us as time and a new baby permits but for right now the three of us from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Oregon will be getting together each Sunday night at 11 PM Eastern, 8 Pacific. We will post the topics before each show and a number to call in and join the conversation. We will also have a chat going for each show to make fun of us as we talk. Again the first show is this Sunday May 30 and we would love to have everyone listening in and contributing to the conversation. We will be talking about who we are and how we became at home dads, discussing more World Cup Soccer and the Fantasy Game for Charity. We barely know what we are doing but we are excited and hopefully our effort will turn into some kind of achievement.

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