Summer is the season of sunscreen and knee scrapes

We are enjoying the summer despite the ravaged legs

With summer in full bloom all across the country and record temperature being reported in the NorthEast as well as here in the NorthWest we are in the season for sunburns and scrapes. I have two little Norwegian blond boys with the pasty skin that makes Casper jealous and we can immediately tell when Daddy forgot to put on the sunscreen. Combine that with short and lots of time outside playing the boys have been taking a lot of spills as well. Because of the cooler temperatures and rain earlier this summer the mosquito population is growing so fast China has instituted a one child quota on all future mosquito parents. The boys have legs filled with red bumps from the bites, red scrapes from the exposed legs on pavements, and red all over from too much sun. Their legs look terrible and I feel like a horrible parent when I get them in the bath and see the whole breadth of the damage. The boys seem unfazed by beating their legs are taking so I am not too worried about them. I remember having torn up knee all summer when I was younger too, so it feels like the boys are doing something right.

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