For now we will enjoy the breeze

We have things to do this morning, important things like going to the bank and sorting out an unfortunate rent situation. We need to get dressed, pack up, get ready but none of that is happening right now. They are playing with cars on the porch and I am on the computer seeing where this free agent is likely to sign. It is still cool outside and the door is open allowing a nice chilly breeze to flow through the house and billow the curtains. We should be getting busy but it doesn’t feel like a busy morning. It feels like a slow morning to be lingered over with coffee and scones that my mom brought yesterday when you picked up my brother and his family. For the past two days we have had busier mornings of activity and plans. Rushing to make the train and working out how to get four kids and three adults around town with no car. This morning the boys are slower, playing on their own more than they have in the past month and I am slower too. It feels wrong to rush them out of this time, to break the natural flow of the morning so that I can get my things done. So we will let the breeze blow through the house, we will linger over hot coffee cooling in the oversized cups, and we will park cars on the porch. We will get our errands done later, for now we will take it slow.

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  1. 07/16/2010 at 11:31 am

    nice. here’s one of my favorite stories of why we should follow their pace and take in the world as they do, instead of as our schedule dictates:

    (and a small reflection on a similar vein from dadtoday:

    have a great weekend

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