Starting in the fall

We got the call this week that Primo was in at the local Co-op pre-school and would start in the Fall. We had missed the deadline for getting him started last year because we were just coming back from Hawaii and planning ahead has never been a strength for me or Beautiful. But this year I was on it from the get go and we made the visits, filled out the paperwork, and had to remind Primo that he wouldn’t start until the fall. The Fall is a foreign concept to a four year old though. It could be the next day or the next year because they both feel like an eternity from the now. Most of the Pre-schools that we can afford, read co-op, have the three year olds moving up into the four year old class so there weren’t a lot of spaces to be had. We were on the waiting list and got the call that we would be in the Tuesday/Thursday class instead of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class that the rest of the four year olds will be in. We are still top of the waiting list for that class but took the opening that came up to make sure Primo got some peer interaction.

I’m excited for him to go to school, and he is pretty excited too. We have a Saudi Exchange student that goes to school on the train and each morning Primo tells him that soon he will be going with him to school. Primo gets a lot of interactions with other kids his age as well as his younger brothers and the older kids in the neighborhood. What will be good to see is how he does with the structure of pre-school and the learning environment with other kids. I am excited to see how he responds. Soon the Fall won’t be a foreign concept to him. Soon enough he will know all to well what that term means and experience the excitement and dread of another school year. He will know what it’s like to get new clothes and fresh supplies. He will understand that feeling of nervousness meeting his new teachers and classmates and the clean slate of a new year. For now he waits for an indeterminate time, unaware of the fall.
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  1. Jamie
    07/24/2010 at 7:15 pm

    I can hardly wait for that picture of him with his hair all combed, new clothes and shoes, and a brand new back pack. With tears in dads eyes as he leaves him at the door. Of course that really hard times are when he rides a school bus and he is so small and the bus is so big.

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