Here’s what I dug this week

There were a number of great posts this week that had me sitting and thinking about them for while after I finished. It really is the best part of reading these blogs from other parents just writing about their experience. I have thought a lot about what I want to get out of blogging and what I want to do with this space and reading pieces like the first two below help reinforce that I am not here to pimp products or try to get famous, but instead to share my story and connect with as many others sharing their story as I can. Here’s what I dug this week:

  • On Fathering – From Ben at Buckled Knees writes about comparing himself as a father with his dad. He realized that his upbringing wasn’t the model of parenting it appeared to be. An open and real look at the pressures we face to measure up.
  • Pain Runs Through My Veins – By Adrienne at No Style Points A moving post on pains of having visits with your kids once things start to fall apart. I sat for a while moved by the beautiful writing and heavy with the weight of the subject.
  • How to Build a Fun Cardboard Fort – Over at Thingamababy This is a great how to on making a cardboard for the kids and this is something we will be doing. We have made the blanket forts in the living room but this will be a whole new animal. As soon as the rain starts back here in Portland we will be making on of these bad boys.
  • Arab Dads, There somewhat Like Us – By Matt at Dadwagon Interesting post on talking with a dad while on vacation in Tangier and knocking out some stereotypes.

There is a portion of my list, as always what dit you dig this week?

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