The boys have really great grandparents

During this vacation I have been getting a lot of time not being dad duty. Time spent doing not much of anything and it has been restful and fun. I have watched a bit of Little League, some PGA Championship, and of course some HGTV. I realize how lucky I am to have parents on both sides of our family that love spending time with our boys and who areĀ adventurousĀ and capable. I have some friends whose parents like being with their grandkids but they end up not giving the parents a break because they aren’t up for the tough stuff. They will play with them if they are happy and clean but if there is a need for discipline or a dirty diaper they pass them back off. While it’s nice to get any breaks it is the tough stuff that we need the most help with.

Thank you Grandma and Papa, Grammie and Tom Tom for being such fun and supportive grand parents. You guys are down for the fun times and the hard times and as parent I am supper thankful. When you have the boys it is truly a break for Beautiful and I. You guys are encouraging of our parenting choices, respectful when you don’t agree, and offer great advice even if we don’t take advantage of it enough. You love your grandkids enough to honor their parents, and this seems like it would always be true but I have seen that it is not. I have seen how lucky we are to have such a great support system and for our boys to have a fuller community. Thank you

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  1. Debbie
    08/16/2010 at 7:33 am

    Thanks for the acknowledgement, it’s a choice your dad and I make consciously and with much love and appreciation for the way you and your Beautiful are raising our grandkids. They are joy to us.


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