He’s not scared, he’s just thinking

We were having a great time watching The Fox & The Hound the other night when we got to the part where Copper and the hunter set a trap for Todd. Todd and his special lady fox were walking around the forrest living it up and at that moment Grammie called bed time and stopped the movie. I didn’t know the movie well enough to know what was next but she did and made an executive decision that it was too scary for the boys. To sever protests we gathered them up for bed with promises that they can watch the rest tomorrow if they wanted to. Segundo forgot about it quickly but Primo held on to it like he has held on to every promise, plan, or expressed thought that has been uttered by anyone around him.

Trying to decide what is too scary for the boys or what is age appropriate has not been a tough issue for Beautiful and I. They watch little TV and what they do watch is PBS kids morning gems like Dinosaur Train, Super Why, and Sesame Street. There hasn’t been anything ont here that has led to even the lightest fear. When we add movies into the mix it is usually one of a couple of animated favorites like Cars, Toy Story, or Ice Age. We did have to skip over a section of Ice Age where the Tigers try to steal the baby but for the most part the boys don’t get scared and we know where the pot holes are in the road ahead. But going back to these old Disney movies has been a minefield of kiddie horror. Our childhood favorites seem terrifying through the eyes of new parents and I wonder if these movies were this scary when I watched them or if like an evil wine they got scarier with age.

The next day Primo kept bringing the movie up and so we sat down and started the VCR right at the spot we stopped it. I watched his face contort as he tried to make sense of the fight and what was happening. Worry and surprise lined his face and I wanted to turn it off but he said “I’m not scared Daddy, i’m just thinking” We talked about what happened and how Todd went back to help his friend even if his friend was being mean to him. He said he liked the movie but didn’t like the bear and I would tend to agree. We didn’t watch that movie again though, Primo instead choosing to watch Lady and The Tramp repeatedly. The Rat in that movie didn’t scare him and it was nice to know that not every childhood favorite was the toddler equivalent of Friday the 13th.

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  1. pshouseblog
    08/21/2010 at 6:47 pm

    Oooh those are tough moments right? Our girl is only two and has watched maybe thirty minutes of TV all summer but this is my GO-TO movie rater (and they have an iphone app) for when she is older: http://www.kids-in-mind.com/

  2. 08/24/2010 at 9:16 am

    This seemed to coincide with the movie choice that we faced on Saturday Night. I should have read this when you published it, maybe we would have watched Ice Age or Cars rather than Up. Although, Lukas did seem to weather it alright.

    I will certainly stay away from the old classics though. They sound rough.
    Seattledad (Luke, I am Your Father)´s last blog post ..Feeling Up the Creek

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