Here lies what I dug this week

Lots of great stuff this week from the new Father 100 where dads went through the exercise of writing 100 words or less on Love to the twitter gatherings of dad around the hastags Dads Talking and Power Of Dads. It seems that dads are the new Black this season and for good reason. Here is a bit of what I dug from some of the dads out there, again this isn’t a comprehensive list, just little of what I dug:

  • You Shouldn’t Mosh past 40 Seattle Dad A music and concert loving dad coming to terms with the younger music scene.
  • Emasculation Accomplished Beta Dad When a tenant of manliness runs up against curious toddlers something has to give.
  • Deleted From His Brain Foto Dad When dad is coach there is a lot to keep track of and sometimes you miss some things. When you have to discipline your kid after a freak out sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t. Funny piece and great pictures.
  • Tuesday 10 Questions with @CK_lunchbox Tessasdad A convergence of two of the great dad bloggers out there in 10 questions. Chris from SAHD in Lansing interviews Ron from Clark Kent’s Lunchbox in a funny and informative post. Chris asks great questions tailored to his guest and it makes it entertaining.

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  1. 08/30/2010 at 6:55 am

    Thanks for including my post. A couple of the others I missed so am off to check them out.

    Really like this series by the way. Makes me want to steal…scratch that….borrow it.
    Seattledad (Luke, I am Your Father)´s last blog post ..Help Cure Juvenile Myositis JM

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