Book Review: Goodbye Pert Breasts: Diary of a newborn dad by Ben Wakeling

Originally Posted on Book Dads this past Wednesday, please check out this and all the other reviews by dads who love to read and to share that love of books with their kids.

When we first found out we were pregnant I remember thinking that I was ready for this, that I would be good at the whole pregnancy and parenting thing. In all the excitement and shock that was a clear and strong feeling and it was short lived. I quickly went from that inherent blind confidence to self doubt so powerful I wanted to run away. During that time of self doubt my wife brought home a box of books on fatherhood from one of her co-workers and got started reading about what it meant to be a father even during this time of pregnancy. There were informative dry books, or entertaining silly ones but none like the book I was sent recently. Goodbye Pert Breasts: Diary of a newborn dad by Ben Wakeling is that book I would love to have had in those early days. It is a fantastic combination of useful and enlightening information on the 40 weeks of pregnancy told through the hilarious uncouth voice of an interested partner.

The book takes you through all 40 weeks though not really as the whole process starts with you finding out your pregnant around week 4 and finishes with some pro and cons for a number of hot button decisions that new parents need to make. Drugs vs. natural, cloth vs. paper, bottle vs. breast. Wakeling tackles all of these topics with irreverent humor and surprising detail making this a great book for any dad to be. This is the new What to Expect when Expecting for the men out there that like their facts filtered through a lens of  comedy and caring.

While I loved the funny anecdotes and stream of consciousness takes on things like the fetus looking like predator during the early stages, what is really striking about this book is the awareness and sensitivity to what his wife is going through during the process. As fathers to be we all go through our times of self doubt and questioning but even in that process we need to be mindful that there is so much more going on with the moms. Goodbye Pert Breasts does a wonderful job of cluing men into just what their partners are going through and offering timely advice on how to help.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is expecting a baby, male or female and wish that I had read a book this great when we were expecting. This book is just the right combination of comedy, caring, and curiosity and a must read.

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