Changing roles with changing adresses

Now that we no longer live with The Charge’s parents I am really watching this kid and not just having him hang around us while his mom works upstairs. There isn’t any real difference semantically but some how this feels a lot different to me. His dad drops him off early in the morning, usually while my boys are eating breakfast, and his mom picks him up after she is off at noon. In between we explore the space of the new house and get out on the bike to check out the local parks and I play the role of day care. I like that role, the role of nanny. Now that we aren’t living together it seems like a different arrangement and more formal.

Now I feel like I need to be doing more to get him and Segundo ready for pre-school. Since I am not just hanging out with him at the house I feel like I need to justify our day to his parents when they come. “We learned about the letter K, counted to 12, and discussed doubling the high post to beat a soft zone.” Again I don’t think much changes from his parents stand point. They don’t expect me to send him home with seasonal art projects and pamphlets on head lice, so the change is more internal. Looking after another kid, one that is not yours, helps bring certain parental decisions to light. If I am wanting to do this more with The Charge why am I not doing it with Segundo. He’s less than a year away from pre-school too so he needs to get cracking on his multiplication tables so he can keep up with the other baby einsteins.

So we are incorporating more songs and pointing out the letters we have learned. I write their names on top of the art projects and have them pick it out so that they all have one trick they can show their moms. We only have two more weeks left with The Charge before he stays home with his mom and new baby brother so I need to pick up the pace. Make sure that his time with us really does benefit him in the future. Honestly I don’t think there is anything I can try to do that would make that more true. The time that these three kids have spent together is invaluable and they have all benefited from being together. I just need him to learn a few more tricks for my living resume.

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  1. 10/29/2010 at 6:49 am

    Do they expect you to teach him? Has there been a discussion other than “just keep an eye on him??” If there hasn’t and there’s only two weeks left in the arrangement then I wouldn’t stress out about it. Do what you’ve been doing and he’ll learn about sin, cos, and tan all on his own…

    Unless he’ll eventually come back, that’s when I would talk with the parents about a preparation for school plan..

    Portlanddad Reply:

    Yeah they have no expectations, they are just my own. Wanting to account well for the time he has spent in my care. He’s like my walking resume in that way.

  2. Emily
    10/29/2010 at 8:55 am

    I watch a two year old on Wednesdays and I feel the same way! I always tell him, “When your mom asks what we did, tell her we built a fort and pretended to be firefighters okay?” I want to make sure his mom knows we did fun stuff and not just watched the video he watches while Drew naps.

    Portlanddad Reply:

    Yeah they will just say what they loved and sometimes it sounds like that’s all they did. “We Watched Cars mommy!”

  3. 10/31/2010 at 6:52 am

    Sounds like you have a real Daddy Day Care situation going on. You’ll make it and the kids will be brilliant because of your care! But you should never double the high post when playing zone, it leaves too many open shooters, and too many open cutting lanes to the basket. Actually try and stay away from zone as much as possible, man to man is the best defense, always has been. LOL
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