Book Review: Let’s Go Outside by Jennifer Ward

Fall is on us in the Northwest and with it comes the rains. After a spring and summer of being outside almost the entire day we have found ourselves in the house much more as the season changes. The effect it has on the kids is easy to see. They are less patient and more likely to lose their patience with each other.  We see the importance of that time to explore, run free, and interact with the outdoors in our own kids lives and even when the weather changes we still need to get out there and experience it.

Let’s Go Outside’s author Jennifer Ward, who also wrote I Love Dirt!, would agree I imagine. She did write a book about getting outside and gave us 52 different ideas for games, activities, and adventures to do while we are out there. Her book was written for pre-teens and the parents in their lives but a lot of the activities are fun for children of all ages. I can’t get the two year old to understand all the rules to Kick the Can but he has a pretty good time hiding and running to kick that can. This book is a great primer for not only getting outside but engaging with our kids once we are out there.

I recommend this book to parents looking for ideas to get outside with their kids. It helps to have an activity ready when you’re out there so you all can enjoy the time. We can all use a little more time outside and even when the rain comes we can throw on our rain boots and jackets and splash our way to a good time.

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