A little Primer for visiting grandparents

We are fast approaching the holiday season and with Thanksgiving comes Beautiful’s parents and the boys are getting pretty excited. I have been hearing a lot about Grammie and Tom Tom coming and I thought I would give them a little primer on some popular phrases that Segundo has so they can jump right in. These are pretty simple to figure out, unlike Primo and his F.U.C. when he meant S.U.V.

We Rhyme daddy!” Segundo says this when something you have matches something he has. Like my green sweater and his green towel. I actually like this better then saying we match.

Long day outside tonight” this means it’s late and he should be in bed. He usually says this when we are in the car heading home from a dinner or from a night being watched by The Charge’s parents. Another one of those that I prefer to the real way.

The chicken we ate was from a pig’s butt.” That means pork roast of course. He calls all meat chicken but he does know what animal his “chicken” comes from.

Whatcha wanna do tomorrow?” This means anything from “I love you” to “how are you doing today”. Segundo asks this question a few times a day and it is his go to conversation starter. It means he wants you to hold him and talk to him about anything and everything.

There is more I’m sure but I can’t think of them. This should get you started and we will be here to help with any new phrases that come up. We are excited to see you guys and the boys have elaborate plans to show you Grammy and Nonna’s Toy store in St. Johns so come ready.

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  1. 11/06/2010 at 9:49 am

    oh crap that’s cute. I love the “we rhyme” especially.
    andygirl´s last blog post ..My First Halloween in Portland

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