The tempering power of a good nights sleep

Segundo's coffee kicking foot

I’m having one of those mornings that would be unbearable had I not had a great night’s sleep. I was up early to get coffee going but then fell asleep on the couch and was late to get Beautiful up to go to work. My first cup of coffee was stolen by Beautiful as she ran out the door and the second cup was kicked over by Segundo as he jumped on the couch and kicked his feet out knocking the cup off the coffee table. “Daddy I poop a lot and I spill a lot!” he told me afterwards. It’s true, that’s Segundo in a nut shell. On the plus side our coffee table smells like coffee so it’s a multi-sensory experience. Primo wanted to ride to school so our normal fifteen minute ride turned into a forty minute ride in the cold and windy mist. He was so proud of himself for making the ride and told his classmates all about it. Segundo was complaining of a cold face as we zipped back home into the warm house for my third attempt at my first cup of coffee. It has been a rough morning but at no point has it bothered me at all. I think I slept so well and had a great day yesterday on my own that I have a reserve of patience. It has been fun to see all the little annoying things and feel no frustration from them. Would that I always had these reserves.

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  1. 12/06/2010 at 10:56 am

    I’m still working on getting one of those elusive good night’s sleep. It really can make a huge difference.
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