An exercise in imagination at ikea

Anyone with an Ikea in their town undoubtedly knows what a great place it is to go with kids. From the in store play area, to the inexpensive tasty food it is an especially great rainy day outing. Wanting to get out of the house and get something to eat with some unexpected going out cash from Aunt Meg and Uncle Mike we drove out towards the airport to the big blue box. Segundo was on day three of chonies and hit or miss at public bathrooms but we braved it anyway with a back up pair of pants and underroos in our bag. We headed right up to the cafeteria and I stood in line while Beautiful and the boys played in the small kids zone by the dinning tables. We met up at a table by the window where we could see the planes land at the airport and watch the goings on of the busy Ikea parking lot. Meatballs and mash for me and the boys, and stuffed salmon and veggies for Beautiful all for under $12 because the kids meals are free. We know how to live it up don’t we!

After eating Segundo announced at the top of his lungs that he had to poop and Beautiful whisked him off to the bathroom. He says he has to poop no matter what he needs to do and when they came back he said “Daddy I pooped out of my penis!” with the biggest smile on his face. The table next to us couldn’t stop laughing, but we were too excited that the little man actually went to the bathroom at the store instead of peeing his pants to even pick up on that disturbing imagery. I mean just imagine actually pooping out of your …… never mind, forget I brought it up. We all celebrated this monumentous  accomplishment for Segundo and then headed off to our second favorite part ikea: visiting our old houses.

Visiting our houses is a game I started with the boys by pretending that the living room displays they had set up was actually my house. They were confused at first but now the boys jump right in and play along. Primo told me he loved my couch and thought my place was cozy but quickly had us come check out his new place. He lead us to a modern looking living room with sleek lines and cool shiny surfaces and told us this was his house. He invited us to sit down on his chairs and put our feet up. People walking by were smiling as he told us about his house and fancy book shelves he picked out. Just as we were getting comfortable Segundo was off to find his house and give us all a tour. He took his shoes off and jumped on his over stuffed couch and wanted all of us to take off our shoes and test it out. We continued through the show room alternating whose house it was and telling the story of the space.

I love this part of the experience and I’m amazed at how creative the kids are in telling the stories. Primo talks of picking the paint color and why he put the table there as if he indeed designed this room. Segundo points out how he fits in the drawers and sometimes sleeps there instead of the big bead and you feel like you are in his room. I cherish this imaginative age and how these boys can go right into that creative space. I hope this lasts for a long time and, if we have anything to do with it, I think it will. Storytelling opens up so many great worlds to both the kids and the adults telling the stories and joining into that imaginative play helps foster an important part of kids development. Where does your family go to exercise your imagination? We go to ikea, and we get some tasty meatballs with lingonberry sauce to boot.

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