Musically Inclined

“Does daddy play music all day when I’m gone?” Beautiful asked Primo when she got home from work and we were rocking out to the new Decemberists Album. While I have zero musical ability instrumentally or vocally I love me some playlists. There’s that cool video of the dad and daughter singing together on youtube and I know that will never be the boys and I. Beautiful may sing with them when one of them learns to play an instrument but until then we put iTunes on shuffle and explore the space with our interpretive dances.

Every couple of weeks the boys rediscover the little pink guitar and put on a show for us before bed. They take turns playing heartfelt songs about dump trucks and Beer, obviously foreshadowing a Country music career. First it was just Primo but now that Segundo has gotten bigger he has his own songs to share at open mic night. If we could get them to get the words down to a couple of their songs and get some continuity to the melodies I think we could have the next Hanson, or Nelson, or *fingers crossed* Oasis! How great would that be. I think Segundo would be Liam since he’s a bit more volatile and Primo would be Noel, the songwriter and level headed one. Even if there strumming on the guitar never turns into chords and proper songs I know the boys already love music as much as I do. They get super excited for Mr. Ben and I get super excited for Sufjan Stevens but we all like to let the music move us.

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  1. 02/01/2011 at 10:12 pm

    I love it!

    but I do come from a very musical family. music was always a huge part of my childhood. in fact, that daddy daughter video makes me wish someone had recorded my dad and I singing together. we would have killed on youtube.
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