It was needed, if not enjoyed

When we start out the front door I know what kind of situation I’m dealing with but I also know they need the walk. It is cold outside but we are all bundled up nicely with toques and gloves to go with our winter jackets. We have been getting outside and playing everyday but usually around the house and in the big dirt pile in the back yard and I know that the boys need to open it up a bit, stretch their legs. I also know that neither is feeling a hundred percent and and their diva gun is already cocked with a hairpin trigger.

I try to keep the boys close as we start to explore the neighborhood but the trains are near and need a closer look. Once we get to the trains the park is in view but a little further off and the playground is at the far end of park with two softball fields to navigate. If I tell them we can’t go to the park we have the melt down now, if we go to the park the melt down starts when it’s time to leave and the walk home is too long. We go to the park, choosing the moment over the future. Along the way we found shapes and numbers. We picked up sticks and threw rocks in puddles and generally had a good time meandering to the jungle gym. The melt down started early as the boys fought over the teeter totter and who got the red swing. They fought over every apparatus there and I was ready to head home.

There was crying and whining and demands to be carried, and the boys were being difficult too. We made a game to find colors or trees, whatever the next milestone was ahead of us to keep the boys moving forward. They calmed down and for a while we walked at a snails pace, one little hand in each of mine, while the rest of the street zoomed by. Back past the trains, through puddles, and up the street to our house. It was a good walk, a needed excursion for all of us. The boys are down for naps early, worn out from crying and being sick and I hope they sleep well.

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  1. 02/11/2011 at 1:14 pm

    This is so very familiar. Especially lately since we’ve been dealing with sicknesses, too. The problem we have when the boys are sick is that we can’t get out due to it being below zero and we can’t go to indoor playgrounds since they are sick. So we just tough it out at home which can be rough at times.

    Hoping they wake up in good moods and that you coast through the rest of the afternoon.
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  2. 02/11/2011 at 11:37 pm

    Hope they are feeling better by now. Good for you for getting them out despite the difficulty of it.
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