Fancy Haircuts aren’t half bad

Since the boys have been around we have cut their hair at home. By we I mean Beautiful of course. Haircut time is usually met with resistance and frustration by the boys so we decided to go to one of those fancy haircut shops for kids where they entertain while they trim. Back in Santa Barbara I got to go one of those places for men as a birthday gift. There was a Russian cutie that massaged my hands and got me a beer and turned ESPN on while she cut my hair and laughed too hard at my attempts at jokes. The place for the boys wasn’t like that exactly, they got beer but no Russian girls pretending to come on to them. Instead they got to pick their chair from the Motorcycle, Jet Plane, Pink Prop Plane, and Red race car. Segundo choose the Jet plane and Primo the motorcycle and both got a movie started on their own TVs and the sheering begun.

Both were engrossed in the movies and did what ever the stylists asked them too, unlike the teeth pulling flip outs that are the norm during the home cuts. There were even smiles as you can see in the picture to the right. They did great and got to play in the castle when they were done while daddy payed more than you should for a kid’s haircut. It was a special treat that I didn’t mind splurging on because the boys had a great time, their haircuts are the best they have ever had, and the whole adventure made for a great weekend afternoon for all of us.

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