Colossal Cannons and other joys of boxes in the mail

The box arrived late in the day, close to nap time and the boys were immediately intrigued. Packages from the UPS guys usually mean toys from Grammie but this one had my name on it so they thought it was going to be more Timbers swag. They were still interested cause like anyone that gets a package even knowing what it might be doesn’t diminish the excitement of opening up the wrapped treasure. We grabbed a knife and cut into the box to reveal a glowing green light of wonder. The boys have not gotten into superhero stuff much, likely because I was never to into comic books as a kid. I read short stories on sports heroes, choosing tales of Ty Cobb over Peter Parker. But as the boys have been going to pre-school they are more and more seeing these comic icons and action figures and marveling at the cool shirts the other boys have. They can now identify most of the big names based on friends clothing but have yet to  mix it up with the action figures or toys.

That all changed when we opened up the Green Lantern Clossal Cannon from Matel. After some trouble freeing the glowing weapon from it’s Fort Knox like bindings we got right to playing. The boys had no idea who Green Lantern was or why he needed a Clossal Cannon but they loved it. They immediately started making up stories of aliens attacking and needing to defend the puppies from being stolen. We loaded the 10 green discs into the cannon and the boys took turns shooting them out. They absolutely loved it. It was mildly troubling how quickly they took to this gun. They also pulled out the Green Lantern Power ring which Primo took ownership of and immediately claimed leadership authority. Also in the box was an action figure that was largely ignored the first day due to the appeal of the cannon but has since figured prominently in both boys play time. He is the bad guy fighting Buzz Lightyear, or the sheriff in the town of matchbox cars.

After a couple of days of playing the boys have lost most of the green disc with the Clossal Cannon but they still love running around shooting things. Segundo likes to pretend it’s a water cannon and washes everything in the house with it as he runs around making swooshing noises. The toys have also lead us to learn who The Green Lantern is leading up to the new movie coming out on June 17, 2011. The boys are a little young for all these super hero movies but their interest is piqued.


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel and received Green Lantern toys to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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