Mothers’ Day Giveaway from Pilsbury

There are some people that think being a stay at home dad means that Mothers’ day has a little different meaning than it would for a working dad, and that just isn’t true. At the heart of confusion is the idea that a at home dad is just replacing the at home mom, but I’m not a mom. I don’t try to be the boy’s mom because I would do a terrible job at it and my hairy chest would cause problems while breast feeding. So when Mothers’ day comes around it’s time to celebrate the many different roles that moms are taking on, and the special place that Primo and Segundo’s mom occupies.

We celebrated the weekend by giving mom some alone time to work on some sewing projects, eating out at the food carts around Portland, and by giving Beautiful some sweet home made cards that are the staple of mothers’ day memories.  We alos had some tasty cinnamon roles from Pilsbury who did their own survey with some tips on how to honor mom this day and every day:


Survey Finds Dads Putting Moms First for Mother’s Day:

  • The survey found dads agree that small, meaningful gestures on Mother’s Day (94%) are more important than buying expensive presents (55%). Starting the day with Pillsbury Sweet Rolls is a great way for the whole family to show mom how much she’s appreciated. Quick and easy to prepare, a memorable beginning to Mother’s Day can be created in just minutes.
  • Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to create unforgettable experiences, say 84 percent of dads, and seventy-nine percent of dads agree that one way to start of the memory-filled day is by treating mom to breakfast in bed.
  • The survey also found 91 percent of dads agree having a wonderful Father’s Day isn’t as important as ensuring their wives have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Tips for Making a Perfect Mother’s Day:

  • Breakfast in Bed: Surprise mom in just minutes with Pillsbury Sweet Rolls. Quick and easy to prepare – simply place and bake for an impressive and delicious addition to your weekend breakfast – it’s an easy way the whole family can start Mother’s Day with a sweet surprise.
  • Family photos: A very thoughtful and sentimental gift is framed photos of the entire family. Capturing memories that can be displayed for a lifetime.
  • A homemade card: A great gift to get the kids involved with, making a homemade Mother’s Day card is a sentimental gesture that gives mom a unique memory!
  • Find a mom-centered event the whole family can enjoy: Plan a family fun day around one of mom’s favorite activities, such as a concert, hike, picnic or dinner at her favorite restaurant.
  • Give Mom the Day Off: Have the family all pitch-in to take care of mom’s chores and then get the kids out of the house for the day to give mom some time to herself to relax and unwind! Our survey found a full 94 percent of dads say it’s important to let their wives relax and forget about responsibilities for one afternoon, and 83 percent will even take over their wives’ responsibilities for the day just to show they care.

Let me know how you celebrated the mothers’ in your life by leaving a comment below and enter to win a basket from pilsbury.  The pack consists of: Cozy Throw, Golf Balls (Pinnacle  sleeve-3), Lunch Sack (thermal), Oven Mitt, Tumbler w/straw, Pillsbury Sweet Rolls VIP Coupon.

* The 2011 Pillsbury Fathers on Mother’s Day Survey presents the findings of an online survey conducted April 14-15, 2011 by ORC International among a sample of 300 men 18 years of age and older with a presence of children in the household.

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  1. Ashley H
    05/08/2011 at 4:56 pm

    I took my mom shopping and then out to dinner.

  2. 05/08/2011 at 7:51 pm

    we went to a nice mother’s day brunch at a nice hotel!

  3. 05/10/2011 at 1:55 pm

    Those are some great tips. 🙂

    There was a lot about SAHD’s being the focus of attention on Mother’s Day, which I just didn’t understand. There is still a Father’s Day. We aren’t replacing Mom’s, b/c like you said, we’d do a horrible job. lol We’re just changing roles of raising children, and Father’s Day is an awesome day to celebrate the things we do. 😀
    Chris (Twistedxtian)´s last blog post ..The Importance of Neighbourhood Community

  4. 05/10/2011 at 9:10 pm

    I served Mrs. LIAYF Breakfast in bed, after she had slept in until 9:00. It was a good day.
    Seattledad´s last blog post ..Locker Room Talk

  5. 05/14/2012 at 5:50 am

    You have done a good thing for your mom.Do you know what I did? I took her hand and kissed it for what has she done for me so far and how much she cares for me and gives mind to my future.

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