That heaven upon earth to the weary head

Segundo enjoys his naps so much that he often will follow a nap up with another nap right away. Not sure if he’s exhausted from the epic four hour nap he just knocked out and needs a thirty minute refresher just get the circadian rhythms back on track or if he is just loves sleep like his daddy does. Either way he often get up from his bed and goes somewhere else to sleep. Each morning around dawn he comes into our room and snuggles with Beautiful until her alarm goes off. He seems to mot even be awake when he comes to bed with us and is instantly asleep before the blanket is even pulled tight around him. During mid afternoon nap times he will either sleep so long you fear he’s in a coma or he will get up after a short two hour nap and find me on the couch before falling back asleep. I posted before about him sleeping on the coffee table and dozing off while standing up. Just the other day he got out of bed and sleepily walked into the living room before climbing up on two of the couch pillows and immediately going back to sleep. He didn’t talk to me or even acknowledge me before conking out on his princess and the pea perch. There are many signs that this one is his father’s son but this sleeping thing is chief among them. We love to sleep like Data loves gadgets.

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