Sunday Parkways in Portland

This past Sunday we went to a late morning movie to make up for not getting to the drive in on time Friday night. Cars 2 opened this weekend and our boys were anticipating this movie the way I anticipated the last Harry Potter book. I’m not gonna lie to you I went a little fanboy on that whole thing but did not dress up for the midnight release, I’m not a total dork. Anyway we were one car behind the last car let into the drive in and had to explain why we weren’t watching Matter and McQueen in their latest adventure. So Sunday we went to an early matinee and while this was not along the lines of the Oscar worthy Pixar movies, it was entertaining and now the front runner for Primo’s favorite movie. After the movie we came home with little motivation to much else but with North Portland Sunday Parkways going on we mustered the energy to hop on our bikes and join in. Sunday Parkways is a program to promote healthy active living through fun events at local parks partnering with businesses and blocking off an 8 mile loop for folks to ride bikes, walk, skate, ski, or hop around with most of the city. The loop was about a mile and half away so we hopped on our bikes and attached the trailer for when the boys get tired and waded into the fray.

It was an amazing day with so many people out riding in the streets. At the parks there was live music, food carts, and activity stations to get people moving. Primo rode the whole loop and the bike ride to and from for a total of over 10 miles. He’s 5 and was so great riding in traffic and staying safe by being aware of what others were doing. I was so proud at how well he did in the midst of some chaos with all the riders on the road. Again and again he shows how he makes good decisions in tough situations on his bike. When we were out for a bike ride a couple weeks ago his chain came off going down a hill and he didn’t panic he just steered into the tall grass and slowed down. A month ago when a car was backing out of a driveway without looking he saw it, stopped his bike, and backed up just missing getting bumped by the back of the car. The driver was apologetic and visibly shaken but Primo reassured them and us that he was OK. He is still 5 and absolutely needs adult supervision but he is a  5 year old that makes great decisions.

When we finally got home we were worn out but happy and finished the night off with dinner with our amazing new neighbors. It was one of those days where we loved living in Portland. Participating in a so many concentric circles of community from the global movie, to the city bike ride, to the neighborhood dinner. We felt an active part of our small world and that usually makes for a nice weekend.

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  1. Jamie
    06/30/2011 at 9:25 am

    Looks like a great activity and a great place to see “Sweet Rohl’s Diner!”

  2. 07/06/2011 at 1:59 pm

    Portland sounds like a pretty cool place.

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