Summer time and the swimmings’ easy

Temperatures¬†are starting to warm up and it looks like we are going to have a sunny and clear fourth of July for the first time we have been back here in Portland. The sun screen is out in layers on our pasty little gangsters and hopefully their nearly translucent skin will make it through another summer without crisping up like the Colonel’s secret recipe. At my parents house we got out the little kiddie pool and stripped the kids down and they took to the five inches of water like fish. We will be spending more time at the many fountains in Portland but I also want to get some proper swimming pools in as well. The thought of me with two non swimmers at a big pool gives me shudders though. Both boys are cautious enough not to go crazy but you always hear the stories of the kid drowning in 3 inches of water and it’s enough to have them covered in floaties like young muscle builders. I’m not sure how and when I learned to swim but growing up on the Columbia river I was always in the water. Beautiful wants to start lessons with Primo as an activity that her and him do Saturday mornings and I’m not sure if that will make it easier or more nerve racking but it’s time he learned how to swim. Now that he’s mastered the two wheel bike it’s the next notch in his big boy belt. How old where your kids when they learned to swim?

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