Clearing the clutter to unlock creativity

Spring is gone and all the spring cleaning projects we meant to do are probably still not done. Those that were finished already need redoing, like my garage of perpetual chaos. No matter how often I organize, clean, and clear stuff it quickly reverts to the black hole it once was. Sometimes it feel futile to start again but I know that isn’t true. There are all the basic reasons for keeping it clean (saftey, ease in finding things, making space) as well as some we don’t think about too often. A clean and clutter filled space fosters creativity. When we have an organized work space we are better equipped to not only do our work but to innovate as well. The same is true for kids spaces where toys can and art supplies can overwhelm a small space like our house. Periodically going through and clearing the clutter helps us see what it is that we have and provides space for the kids to fill in the story with their imagination. Our family has a policy of a finite amount of toys that the boys have and when more toys are added then something needs to be done with others to make room. Some toys are sold at our garage sale, others donated to places like Goodwill, and special toys are set aside for those friends that they think would really love that toy. We are trying to get the boys to think about what it means to have enough, and what it means to share that special toy with that special person. We also want to make sure that the amount of toys the kids have doesn’t overwhelm their own imagination and by pruning the toy pile we make sure the props don’t overtake the story.

This summer, in partnership with Out Growing In, we are excited to offer some free tips on how you can clear the clutter in space. Through out the month of July there will be tips each day as well a free workshop on how to get started from Author Lorrie Marrero. There will also be a free workshop from the Car Seat Lady Dr. Alisa Baer with tips answers to all your car seat questions. Head over to the Clear the clutter site to get signed up for either or both of the workshops and learn how you can win prizes through out the month.  You can also connect on Facebook to get even more tips. Whether you are making room, selling stuff you no longer need, or just simplifying your space we can also do with some tips on clearing the clutter this summer. Get started today with by going to the links above and let’s turn our Spring cleaning intentions into Summer realities.

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