Summer Camp for the animals with the animals

Yesterday the boys and I headed up the hill to the Oregon Zoo for a preview of the Summer Camps going on now through September 2. We had the opportunity to learn about the different camps offered, eat some tasty snacks, make a couple of art projects, and see a hedgehog and ferret close up. With train and dinosaur tickets as well we ended up spending most of the day at the Zoo and the Washington Park play structure having a great time. Primo loved interacting with the camp counselors and I think that he would do really well at an all day camp.

There are eight camps for the different age groups ranging from four year olds to kids in seventh and eight grade and the camps compliment the Portland Public school focuses for each grade. While science and the Zoo are natural connections the camps are more than just scientific observation. There is a focus on art through crafts, songs, and songs as well as exercise and exploration. At our weekly Thursday night dinner last night my friend Jesse remembered fondly his experience at Zoo camp in Santa Barbara when he was five.

If you are looking for things to do in Portland for your school aged kids consider the Summer Camps at the Zoo. We are definitely going to try and find a way to get Primo signed up, we just need to convince the grandparents it’s a good idea to help with the cost.

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