Grammie for the the Win

Last weekend the boys went with Beautiful up to Gig Harbor to pick up Grammie, Beautiful’s mom. She had just made an 8 day cross country trip to move her oldest daughter out and we got to have her at our house for about 4 days. Those 4 days were magic for the boys as Grammie read to them for hours, talked old cars that she owned with Primo, and instituted Grammie rules for the week. Grammie rules are a collection of laws that heavily benefit both her and the boys. They get to have powdered donuts at breakfast, or pick out a toy every trip out of the house, or get spoiled in some other way that Grammie deems appropriate. It’s a truly magical time for a 5 and 3 year old who not only hear yes to every request but also have treats offered they never thought to ask for. There were trips to Toys R Us that brought in stuffed animals and trucks to take apart and put together, lots of games and tickets for candy at Chuck E Cheese, and sweets of all kinds.

Lest you think that Grammie only spoils the boys with toys and treats let me set you straight. She also spoils them with time and books and attention. The boys each made it through a new level on their summer reading program from the time spent reading and talking about books with Grammie. She has a love of words that is infectious and and the boys reap the rewards. Nap time with Grammie was the new top choice for the little guy that got to pick his spot. Usually they pick Mommie and Daddie’s bed but snuggling with her had much more sway then heavy blankets and black out curtains. During the short visit the boys had someone that engaged with them nearly every waking hour of the day and when it was time for her to go both boys took it hard. Primo was crying so hard he couldn’t get to sleep and Segundo laid on the couch where Grammie had slept and said “I love this pillow cause it smells like Grammie!”

It was a great visit for Beautiful and I as well, and I think that Grammie even had a good time. The weather in Portland even came through for us for the first time that she has visited and she got a better idea of why we love this place so much. Thank you for a great 4 days Kris and please come back soon. We all love Grammie Rules!

  2 comments for “Grammie for the the Win

  1. the charge's mom
    07/19/2011 at 11:59 am

    Sweet post James. Kind of makes you think that Grammie and Tom-Tom should move out West!

  2. Jamie
    07/22/2011 at 11:02 am

    What a wonderful way for Kris to decompress after such a long road trip. Those yeses were not just for the boys but for her too. I know how grammie rules work I use them all the time!!

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