Sundays are for bike rides and movies

For the last couple of weeks Sundays have found the Rohl family on a longish bike ride somewhere in the North Portland area. Today we headed East on the Columbia Slough trail and found ourselves between the slough and the Portland International Raceway heading towards the Interstate. We had seen this trail when we rode to the Nature Preserve and wanted to see where it took us on this beautiful Sunday morning. Before heading out we loaded up on a tasty breakfast of Eggs, Potatoes, and a mix of Nectarines and the Blackberries we picked yesterday.

Primo was on his bike, Segundo was riding shotgun with me in the bike seat , and Beautiful had her old three speed humming along. Our trail took us up on a berm with the Columbia Slough on one side and a golf course on the other. Past the tee boxes we happend upon a Volkswagen party at the speedway. There were Bugs, Things, Buses, and Carmengias as far as the eye could see. Well maybe not that much but they did a good job of filling up the parking lot with fine German engineering. We pointed out our favorites before heading home to a soundtrack of 5 year old whining.

This was another great ride out with the family in what is quickly becoming a tradition for us. It’s all so very Portland, strapping on our helmets and hitting open road with our bikes but it’s a tradition I am happy to commit to. Another tradition that we are  working on is the family movie night on Sundays. Instead of putting a movie and for the kids to watch while we do something else we are all hitting the couch with tasty snacks and watching something together. Beautiful picked the movie, Winnie The Pooh, to start off our alternating schedule. Segundo gets to pick next week so I’m sure we will be enjoying some version of Thomas the Train but either way I’m looking forward to time spent not just watching the movie but in making the snacks and talking about what we see. It’s really just a set aside time where we are all together and that right there has the boys all in.

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  1. 08/05/2011 at 1:25 pm

    Sounds like a lot of fun. We are into riding with Lukas too, and movie night is always a hit.

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