There are free lunches to be found

Here in Portland the Parks Department has had a busy summer of movies and concerts in the park along with a full docket of hipster sports like Kick Ball, Wiffle Ball, and Hide and Seek. Well not Hide and Seek yet but it’s only a matter of time. Along with those exciting events there has also been a summer camp program and free lunches in the park. One of our favorite parks to bike to, St. Johns Community Center and Park, has a program every week day from noon until one where they provide a boxed lunch for any kid, ages one to eighteen, that wants one. We have been a couple of times and the lunches have been great. PB&J, carrots, cheese stick, bag of popcorn, a plum, and some chocolate milk is the Monday meal and usually follows our trip to the library to restock our stories. Yesterday we had The Charge with us for the morning and we ran into our friend from across the street at the park. Beautiful took her lunch break and brought giant burritos from the local Taqueria for a big picnic in the sun. Are there any great programs going on this summer in your neck of the woods?

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