The whitest El Tricolor fans you know

On a recent trip to the thrift store with their mom the boys found some treasures that they were excited to share with me when they got home. Apparently while broswing the isles of clothes Segundo was pulling stuff into the cart unbeknownst to Beautiful. When she came to the register she found a soccer jersey for Cuauhtemoc Blanco from the Mexican National team. This matched the Mexico shirt that Segundo always wears so the boys finally both had the same team on their shirts. When they came home they told me all about it, with Primo calling it his Timbers jersey and Segundo searching out cherry stained mexico shirt.

So these two pasty white boys are an eighth Mexican from my grandmother on my mom’s side Faye Flores, but as I wrote earlier in the tortilla post, there is no flores in these boys. Well it turns out that is not true, at least not when it comes to their national team support. They both seem drawn Mexican National team and now want to watch videos of Mexico playing. Since Mexico is the biggest rival for the US men’s national team this is a little odd for me to swallow but hey the soccer theme is carrying on through this summer. We watched some old Blanco goals on youtube and Primo was so fired up to be wearing the same number as the guy hitting those shots/ I guess we go with this for now until they move on to something else bu I can’t help but see this as some sort of Daddy fail.

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