Back to kindergarten plan A

Way back in March I wrote a couple of posts on the School choice issue. We were in the proces of turning in our applications for the charter schools and our Portland Public School choice form. Since then we settled on our Neighborhood school after not getting in to any of the Charter Schools and changing our mind about the Public school that we got into. We were excited to start the school year firmly established in our local school and the first couple of days were great. Primo loved his friends and the new teacher was excited to be there. She even brought in a sub that played guitar while she had a certification class. We were riding our bike to pick him up each day and he was tired but happy. Then we got the call that our spot on the waiting list of Trillium Charter School was up and would we like the last spot in their Kindergarten class.

So we had the decision, stay with the local school that we wanted to be part of the change of making the school better, or go to the established Charter school that seems to be a great fit for Primo and the way he learns. We thought about it a little bit and didn’t make a decision until visting the school but it was an easy decision in the end. Trillium is smaller school with high parent involvement and a project based teaching style that both Beautiful and I love (and that is no small feat finding a program of teaching that we both agree on). When I told Primo that he might be switching schools he said “it’s OK daddy, I will make friends at the new school too.” After all this we are going to have him write a book on dealing with change since at 5 he seems to have a good handle on the subject.

He has made friends but it has taken a week or so. The rest of the kids have been together from Pre-school on so he had some barriers to over come. Just like when he came into Pre-school and broke through the established social connections he’s making friends again. Friends that write notes to him about how much they love him being in their class. The school day is shorter so it looks like Beautiful’s dream of me getting back to paying work will have to wait, but we are all really excited about the amazing opportunity we have. It feels like we are in a Private school way out of our pay range instead of a free charter school in the public school district. We fell lucky and know our son is getting a great education. There is a likely spot for Segundo since siblings get preference in the lottery process but we will make that decision when he is ready.

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  1. Jeff
    09/24/2011 at 7:31 pm

    That is one wise and well adjusted young lad you’ve got there. All the best to him in the new school!
    Jeff´s last blog post ..Kid’s Game Review: Knock Your Blocks Off

  2. 09/25/2011 at 8:09 am

    Ahhh, your (school) journey has just begun…note how I said “your” rather than Primo’s!
    Bruce Sallan´s last blog post ..NEWS OF THE MOMENT

    Jack@TheJackB Reply:

    Have to agree with Bruce, the fun is just beginning and I mean that in a positive way.
    Jack@TheJackB´s last blog post ..What Do Triberr & A Drunk Moose Have In Common

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