Ickee Stikeez series 1 toys

I got an email recently asking if my boys wanted to a new toy, just released, called ickee Stickeez. Knowing nothing of these toys my original thought was they may want them but from that name alone I want nothing to do with them. The idea of another messy toy the boys can use to ruin my day seemed like a terrible idea but then I looked at the pictures in the email. Theses tiny little pods with funny looking creatures didn’t look messy at all so I agreed.

We got the package a couple weeks later and Primo was super excited to open them up while Segundo was still napping. There were seven in total, a triple pack and four single packs. We tore them open and Primo loved the look the small toys with creatures on a suction cup. He stuck them all to my laptop and then popped them on and off excited by the sound. He started telling stories about where each of the characters came from and loved the little plastic pods that they come in. When Segundo woke up he joined in with the fun and started seeing what the toys would stick to and how to share seven ickee stikeez between two kids.

Ickee Stikeez are from Zing Toys, a Portland Oregon company, and were just released in late September. Series 1 has 24 characters, some funny, other gross, but all of them unique. You can buy them in single packs or triple packs that also come with Koinz, little cardboard rounds with more information of the included toys. I like these toys and the boys love them, asking where we can get more. They are collectible, trying to get all 24 is Primo’s new obsession, and fun to play with in many ways. They can be stacked in the pods to make a chain, popped on and off windows, cell phones, or tables, and make for great story telling as the kids explain how these creatures came to be.

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