Solidifying Our Friendship With Trees

This weekend we became Friends of Trees. I think we were already pretty close with trees and loved meeting them at the park to play, or nodding hello as we passed on the street but today we solidified the friendship. We aren’t just Facebook friends that quietly stalk each other online and occasionally LIKE a funny status update Trees  makes about birds and the frustration of getting poop stains off birch bark. This weekend we became such good friends of trees that we helped nine of them move to new homes around North East Portland. Everyone knows that’s a true friend right there: one that helps you move.

Beautiful, the boys, and I rallied with a couple hundred other friends to get instructions and break into groups. We were group X, which pleased the boys to no end as they referred to themselves as X-men the rest of the day. What a couple of dorks. We drove to the first house and learned how to plant a tree from our team leader. While others stood by to observe the process the boys got in and got their hands dirty exposing the roots and scarring the hole for maximum success. Sure they were in the way at times but mostly they were the ones leading the charge to get the tree planted. It was great using Walmart gardening tools to plant the trees as a community.

After planting seven trees and having another group plant our other two trees, we met back up at the rally point and shared a meal with all our new friends. Not the trees of course, they had to stay and unpack at the their new homes and enjoyed some cold water while we ate our warm soups. It was a great community building event and we felt so “Portland” for taking part. I was proud of the boys and the way they dug right in and worked hard while others seemed to be there to bring some karmic balance for past sins against nature. I would recommend getting out and volunteering together as a family adventure, we had a great time on ours and felt like we did some good as well.

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  1. 02/05/2012 at 4:57 pm

    What a cool way to get outside with your kids and do some good! Good friends to trees during their move, indeed.

  2. 02/06/2012 at 4:31 pm

    I remember several events I attended with my boys – when they were younger – along the same lines. Living in the city, it’s so important to give our kids a sense of nature and how it need to be nurtured!
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