Valentine projects paying off

This year I was on the ball and got started on Valentine’s Day cards for Primo’s class early on. I sent him to school with three kids names each day for him to find out what they love so we could incorporate into unique cards. Mostly I wanted him to engage kids in his class that he doesn’t normally interact with so that he could see them in a new light. I’m not sure how successful that was but he came back with some funny insights into the girls in the class. I picked up supplies at Office Depot and was ready for Valentine’s Day. Since we have a bag full of broken crayons we took a heart-shaped muffin tin and made colorful heart-shaped crayons out of the pieces. Then we cut up some construction paper and for the cards and Primo wrote each kids name in a card and then drew a picture of something each kid liked. For some of the girls in the class the picture was of them with a conflict resolution paper be handed out. He told me that so and so loves handing out conflict papers to the boys in the class and I couldn’t help but giggle. He seems to have girls all figured out at such a young age.

We brought the cards into Primo’s class this morning and he handed them out to each kid explaining what the picture was. He was so excited to find a kid and then explain the crayon he made and what the picture inside meant. Segundo and I needed to head to his pre-school so we tried to move Primo along but there was no rushing him. I handed him the last cards for the kids that weren’t there yet and told him to put each card in their box. He said he would just hold on to them so he could pass them out when they got there.

We had fun making the cards and the crayons and the practice writing his friends names on each card was a great learning opportunity but by far the best part was seeing the pride on his face as he handed out the cards. He thought of each kid when picking out the  heart crayon on the front of the card and the picture inside and he told the kids “I made this for you.”

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