Vocation and a stay at home dad

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This past week I started a new job working part-time from home. I still have the boys to look after, the classroom duties, and the various jobs I have volunteered for in each of their schools. It has been a busy week navigating this new job and the focus that it takes, while trying not to lose focus on the responsibilities that I already had. There is no balance to be found yet but I think that time and intention will help bring these different roles in line. Mostly I have been thinking about what it is I do. When people ask me what I do I have said I am a stay at home dad, I look after the kids and the day-to-day dealings of our family. Now that I have another job on top of that I have been thinking about how I answer that question and what that means about the way I view myself. There is always a concern for stay at home parents that their identity is some how lost in the role of care provider. Not being in the market place means not having clear metrics to measure your value against others. I enjoy being a stay at home dad and feel valuable and valued by my family and most the people I come into contact with. While I’m really excited for this new job and challenge and extra income that it brings I still answer the ‘what do you do’ question the same. I am a stay at home dad and that is the role I identify the most with, and the one I am most proud of. I’m good at this job and I am thankful for the opportunity to have a vocation I enjoy. As for the part-time work I think I will be pretty good at that too, once I figure out how to balance the two.

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  1. kris
    02/23/2012 at 9:33 am

    Congrats! V proud! love kris

  2. 02/24/2012 at 12:37 pm

    I work as much or more (out of the home) as my SAHD responsibilities now that my boys are older and more self-sufficent. I simply say I’m a dad and a writer when asked that question. I take GREAT pride in being there for my boys – especially when I was doing it 24/7 alone. I wear that pride with honor…so should you!
    Bruce Sallan´s last blog post ..Radio Show: Revisiting Gratitude and College Discussion

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