The paper airplane guy

This month I’ve taken over as the class room liaison for the Kindergarten class at Primo’s school and taken the opportunity to help in the class one day a week. Since Segundo is such a great kid he gets to hang out too and get involved with the bigger kids and their lessons. Primo’s school is Reggio Emilia based education so the students have a self guided curriculum and while I was there one of the kids wanted to make an airplane to see how it would fly. The rest of the kids were busy with snap cubes, blocks, and other activities while I helped the aeronautic enthusiast with her paper plane. Once we folded a couple of models we decided to head outside to see how they flew and a few kids joined us with paper in hand. Soon we had all but two of the kids folding airplanes and flying them from the top of the play structure. We made hypothesis based on the designs and then talked about what happened after we tested each plane. we decided that longer planes went farther so the kids started using giant paper to make planes that were over two feet long.

The morning blew by and we all had fun folding and decorating our planes before flying them. As more kids from other classes came out to the playground they joined in with planes of their own. The next week on my helper day the kids were ready to make planes again but it was a terrible rainy day out. We could make planes but we couldn’t go outside to fly them. The kids still had a good time folding the planes and talking about what they thought their designs would do in the rain and wind. While I’ve had a great time in the classroom the last three weeks I’m beginning to fall into a paper airplane rut. When the kids see me coming in with Segundo they head right over to the paper supply and start clamoring for new designs. I’m pigeon holed as the paper airplane guy but I guess there’s worse things.

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  1. jamie
    03/20/2012 at 12:20 pm

    That is a fun activity and I like how you turned it into a teaching moment. Next time you should make a chart. You could have someone counting things like how many long ones go beyond this place and how many short ones and then turn it into a visual chart with colors, or use butcher paper and just tape the airplanes right under their number or catagory. That would be cool!!

  2. 03/20/2012 at 7:05 pm

    I had never heard of that type of learning method, but I checked out the links to Wiki…sounds pretty interesting. Do you go into explanations about how the air travels around the wings?
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    An Ordinary Dad Reply:

    Hey, I saw a video on CNN about an 800 pound paper airplane that flew and thought of you. The kids would be amazed no doubt!
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