Is a snake edible?

Long road trips were a family tradition while I was growing up and our family would play “My Grandfather’s Store” whenever we were out on the open road. The game is a variation of 20 questions where someone while start by saying “there’s something in my grandfather’s store that starts with an S” and then everyone else in the car starts asking yes or no questions until someone correctly guess the mystery S word. We have started playing the game with our boys on longer drives and they are quickly learning the questions to ask. You can almost guarantee that if Segundo is them one coming up with the mystery word then it’s a superhero. Primo will go back and forth between superheros and fruit so you have to think a little more. Most of the time My Grandfather’s store is a grocery store so the first question is always “Is it Edible?” Primo knows what edible means but apparently Segundo does not. Last week while my brother was here he started the game on a drive to pick up Primo from school and Segundo excitedly joined in:

M: “There’s something in my grandfather’s store that starts with an s”

S: “Is it Edible?”

M: “Yes”

S: “It’s a snake isn’t it?”

M:(laughing) “No it’s not a snake, I don’t think a snake is edible.”

S: “Is it a slug?”

M:(laughing harder) “You don’t eat a slug Segundo, do you know what edible means?”

S: “Is it Super Man!”

The game went on with me narrowing it down to a fruit, that was red, that was a berry, that started with straw. Segundo still didn’t know what it was and had my brother and I cracking up as he went through the clues out loud.

S: “It’s a fruit, that’s a berry, and it starts with straw”

Dad: “Say that again but switch the words”

S: “It’s a straw that starts with berry?”

D: “ok now just say the two words”

S: “straw  …….berry, STRAWBERRY! I did it!”

It took Segundo about 10 minutes to finally get strawberry, but it was 10 minutes of pure comedy for Mark and I. We told him what that edible means you can eat it but the next time we played the game that information didn’t seem to stick.

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  1. 03/21/2012 at 8:01 pm

    Ha ha! That is hilarious. I love when they are learning new words. By the way, this comment is edible.
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