A game even more like Chess called Chess

Since Primo has invented games like chess and begged each day to go back to Director’s Park to play on the chess boards left out each day we thought it was time to get a chess board of our own. We headed downtown to our favorite toy store Finnegan’s and found a quick chess set. Quick Chess is an award-winning set that teaches kids to play in 10 minutes so it seemed a good purchase for us. There is a double-sided board with one side being the standard size and the other a smaller layout that helped beginners get the hang of how different pieces move.

Primo and I set up the simple side and talked about how each of the pieces move before getting started. He picked up concepts quickly and soon we were turning the board over and playing on the big board. While he knows how to play the game and how each piece moves he is not very good so I try balance teaching him the nuances of a complicated game while keeping it fun for him. We talked about seeing the whole board and not getting caught up with just one piece. That was easier on the other side of the board but Primo wanted to play the REAL way. So we find the balance between continuing to learn the game while also letting him win every once in a while. He’s even tried his hand at playing the computer on easy mode. He can’t win there yet but he’s getting better.

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  1. 03/26/2012 at 6:47 pm

    What an awesome idea! I want one!
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