I’m a Chugginton Conductor

Much to Segundo’s pleasure I have become a part of the 2012 Conductor Program from Chuggington. You can see the badge to the right and if you click on it you will see the wild world of talking trains and positive life lessons that promote social readiness skills in pre-schoolers. Like I said Segundo loves the shows, which you can see every morning on Disney Jr.

As a Conductor I will get a chance to try out some new toys, maybe even share them with the kids, and pass on some swag to my reader every once in a while. I will be sharing a post or two each month so be on the lookout for your chance to benefit.

Chuggington and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have released the first ever traffic safety app, ‘Chuggington: Be Safe!’! Available for IOS devices in the iTunes store now, this app is designed to make learning about traffic safety fun and interactive! To unlock the features on this app, your trainee must first take the traffic safety pledge – a promise to wear a helmet while riding a bike, buckle up in the car, and only cross the street with an adult. Whether your trainee is completing the Badge Quest maze or taking the traffic safety pledge, this app features loads of exciting activities that will teach your trainee the importance of safety, anytime, anywhere!

So take the pledge with your kids, grab the app, and make safety a conversation topic all the time.

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