On heroes and villains and turning 6

I have a six-year-old now. It seems strange to say. I don’t feel like I have known Beautiful for six years so how can our son be six already. You can see him there in the picture, the one in the home-made Captain America shirt and the store bought Captain America mask. There with his friends who all dressed as super heroes on his birthday so they could go on adventures, complete a quest, and defeat someĀ villains. Those mighty heroes loved every second of the action, mostly because the adults were such great villains.

There was me as The Riddler with my tiny minion of destruction. He looks cute but it’s all a ruse to draw you in before he captures you and forces you to listen to his monologue while a swinging axe slowly lowers towards your head. Then there was the Beautiful Green Lantern who wasn’t a villain at all but rather a lovely guide taking the super heroes through the gauntlet of terror. There was the Penguin who forced the kids to master feats of balance before letting them past and who may have scared one of the kids so bad he still has nightmares. Next we had Killer Croc who chased the kids down the rows of rose bushes at the park in a test of speed. We had Ghost Rider who came late but was a good sport in the water fight with all the villains and so gets a credit in this movie.

The heroes were super indeed. There was Santa man, Batman, Thor, Captain America, Timbers man, and Batman again. There was a girl at the party in a princess costume but she bailed early in this sausage fest. They were mighty and fierce and saved humanity once again from the evil that men may do. It was a party fitting of a super kid, a hero, my boy. He is six now, going into the first grade, and he’s well on his way to conquering the world. Happy birthday Primo.

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  1. 06/07/2012 at 9:02 pm

    How fun. Great costumes James! I was totally unaware of Santa Man, and wait…I thought Timbers Man was a Villain. Maybe that is just up in these parts.

    Anyway, Happy birthday Primo.
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