Stacking tracks

After being gone for three weeks the boys came home to a special gift from the folks at Chuggington: Wilsons Wild Ride Deluxe Action Playset, a new stackable train track from Tomy. We took all the parts out of the box and laid out the instructions and set about building the set. Some of the pieces were tough to snap in but luckily I’ve been working out lately so I was man enough to handle the job. The instructions were easy to follow and soon the boys were fighting over whose turn it was to launch the train down the track.

The train set has been popular with their friends and we’ve found that their little matchbox cars make good trains when it comes time to share with a bigger group. We’ve taken apart and put the set together in a couple of different ways and the boys are getting good at building it themselves. If your kids love Chuggington or trains this is a fun toy for them to check out.

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