Looking back on a busy Summer: Great Wolf Lodge

School starts tomorrow for both of the boys and I can’t believe I’ve made it through this summer working full-time from home while having two young kids under foot. It has been a fun and frustrating time but as the end nears I can’t help but remember all the great things we did this summer. Back at the beginning of August, before soccer camp and the great road trip of 2012, before the Montana caravan and all the back to school prep work of the last couple of weeks we got the chance to spend a night at The Great Wolf Lodge.

A hundred mile north of Portland, midway between the Rose City and fishy smelling city on the sound lies The Great Wolf Lodge. A water park, hotel, and all around family fun palace that the boys thought was the greatest place they had ever been. I stood in a short line to get checked in while Beautiful and the boys explored the lodge themed grounds and it didn’t take long for Primo to realize this place was special. “Everything here is Magic!” he exclaimed while in the kid sized bath room with automatic everything. He may be little to easily impressed but we all came around to the same point of view over time.

We checked in to our room and headed to the water park where there were areas for every level of swimmer. A shallow toddler area with short slides and knobs and buttons to push and spray parents was the early favorite but as the boys became more comfortable the waded into the large wave pool and splashed around like crazy. Seeing their joy brought Beautiful and I around from being a little to cool for this school, to abandoning all pretense and just being kids ourselves.

Not happy about leaving the water slides, but treats help!

There will water slides and deep pools with basketball hoops and even a crazy tube slide that made its way in and out of the building. Having smaller kids we were relegated to the areas they felt comfortable with but that was plenty for us. The rest of the resort had a couple restaurants, a Starbucks, and all sorts of gift stores. There was an arcade, a teenager room with video games consoles, and a Magic Quest throughout the property where kids used their wands to solve a mystery. We went down to the story time before bed and watched animatronic animals tell us about protecting the forest before the boys got their picture taken with a raccoon. We only stayed one night but we had such a great time, even better than we expected. Like I said I wanted to think I was too hip for this Suburban wonderland but nothing kills my pretentious attitude like seeing the boys laugh like crazy when they conqueror their fears and go down the bigger water slide. We will go back, the boys will make sure of it and I’m good with that.

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  1. 09/04/2012 at 9:37 pm

    We had pretty much the same experience. Much more fun than I realized it would be. It was really great all around. The animatronic show was a bit creepy at times, but other than that we didn’t want to leave. Glad you made it up to my old stomping grounds. I grew up very near there.

  2. Dan
    09/14/2012 at 1:12 am

    My wife and I were just talking about making a trip up there. My son is taking swimming lessons and loves the water. But I was a little concerned about taking a 4-year-old to a waterpark. From what you said though, it sounds like there is plenty of age appropriate activities for him. We’ll have to head to Great Wolf Lodge one of these rainy, overcast days in the PNW.

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