Looking back on a busy summer: The great road trip of 2012

Right after our stay at The Great Wolf Lodge we dropped the boys at my parents for Soccer camp and our first week of kidless time. The next Saturday we brought them up to Gig Harbor, along with the RV that had been living in our driveway for the last year. The boys were heading East in that RV with Grammie and Tom Tom and most of their cousins. Five kids and three adults in a small space for 2300 miles sounds like a nightmare I had, but for the boys it was a dream come true. Two weeks without mom and dad, on the road with their grandparents. They had talked about it all spring, counted down the days on their calendar in their room.

They all piled into the RV on Sunday morning and headed towards Uncle Dan’s house in Colorado. They wouldn’t make it there on the first night but that was the first known stop in the cross-country trek. They had to make stops every now and then to run the boys to burn off that extra energy. Tom Tom would line them up and the races would be on. There were movies to watch and books to read and plenty of snacks to keep the boys occupied. They took naps all together on the folded down dinette and we followed along through Aunt Meg’s tweets. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Finn:some bad guys in our world are called robbers. Don’t know what the others are, but don’t worry, my dad and your dad {SCuda} are stronger.


Entered Nebraska. One boy sleeping, one baby in midst or epic nap, two boys sharing an ipod, one boy chatting with Grammie.


Henry: will a bear hit us {talking about hitting animals on the rd}? Grammie: no, they stay in the wilderness. Henry: but they would eat us.


Milo: Grammie, get me out! Grammie: no, you’re a sitting duck! (As she pelts him with a grape in his car seat đŸ™‚


There was a stop in Idaho, one in Colorado, another in Nebraska, and there was meant to be one in Iowa but it was hot and there were sick folks that needed to get home so Tom Tom drove through the night to get home to Indiana. If not for colds they say they would have loved a longer trip but I don’t believe them. Both Beautiful and I grew up on road trips and family vacations and I know that my boys are good travelers but five kids in that space would get old pretty quickly.

Once in Indiana the boys got to spend some quality time with Aunt Heather and her pirate adventures. Their cousins left and Primo and Segundo got Grammie and Tom Tom all to their selves for the first time since we left Indiana, the first time for Segundo. They swam everyday and lived in Grammie rules for two weeks before Beautiful met them in Iowa to fly home. We all agree this is something that needs to happen often and the boys are already wondering what day on their calendar they can circle and start the countdown towards.

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  1. 09/06/2012 at 8:36 am

    What a great memory your boys will have of this trip! I took my kids on a long camping trip in a little teardrop trailer this summer – 7 states. I wouldn’t say no if the grandparents ever wanted to do that instead though!
    Brenna @ Almost All The Truth´s last blog post ..Back To School: Shopping {Infographic}

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