Daddy got a minivan

I’m not a car guy. You might not have guessed that about me but it’s true. I appreciate cars and admire restored classics but I couldn’t tell you what year it was based on the shape of the head lights. My brother is a car guy. We took Autoshop together in school, me as a Senior and him as a Freshman. He did all the work and scored me my first non-Gym class “A” in all of High School. So when it came time for us to get a car that would be primarily mine the choice was easy. I want a minivan. I want to drive half the soccer team and all of the gear in one car. I want stow and go seats and make a bed for snuggling at the drive-in. I want automatic doors and captains chairs and a DVD player for long trips.

In Dan Zevin’s great book Dan Gets a Minivan he talks about how his life went from economy size with only one passenger and a radar detector to family size with wireless headsets for the built-in DVD player. This is me and I love it. I love this car in a way that I have never loved any other. I didn’t care what kind of car I had from my two-tone tan Toyota Celica from the 70’s to the Honda Prelude that we sold to a teenager that was definitely going to race it on the streets. Cars were just utilitarian not definitive. But I’m cool with this minivan being definitive. I like that picture of me as a dad. When Beautiful and I talk about dreams and where we want to be in X amount of years I come across as cheesy and boring when I say that this is it for me. This family, my wife and boys. this is what I have been dreaming about and striving towards for years.

So I have my dorky dream car with one kid in the far back row and another in the middle row with their headsets on watching to the latest Chugginton DVD while Beautiful and I listen to Spilled Milk podcasts on the way up to Gig harbor. You can laugh at me all you want but I’m happy and living my dream.

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  1. 10/05/2012 at 12:16 pm

    Said it before, will say it again – minivans are highly underrated until you actually drive one. Enjoy it!
    Always Home and Uncool´s last blog post ..Fasten Your Seats

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